Quickstitch plushie (commission) sewn by me!!!!

Quickstitch Plushie (commission)

Hurray! Quickstitch has been plushified! ;) I really enjoyed working on this stallion, he has such a simple, yet wonderfully effective design! Quickstitch plushie is a commission for hellonall I did a few special things for him: 1) His feathered hooves are 3D. This can be a little […]

Bohemian Series

Selling my entire Rilakkuma collection!

Hi guys! ^_____^ I’ve recently got myself dangerously addicted to collecting Disney dolls – including those super expensive limited edition ones, so I’ve decided to sell my entire Rilakkuma collection to help fund my new-found obsession. My Rilakkumas have only ever been displayed (never played with), so they […]


Cuddle Bug plushie (commission)

Hai everyone!  ^______^ So I finally got around to finishing Cuddle Bug off for the lovely xbeautifuldreamerx! Cuddle Bug has such a beautifully powdery (argh, I’m so bad with descriptions xD) colour scheme, but she did make me scratch my head a little when choosing the most suitable […]


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