Nurse Redheart plushie sewn by meee!!!

My sewing: Nurse Redheart Plushie

Hi guys! ^^ Nurse Redheart cares! <3 I was in desperate need of a bit of respite from working on overly complex alicorns, so I decided to take a few days off plushing somepony simpler. Nurse Redheart fitted the bill perfectly! I’m a big fan of her simple and […]

Princess Luna plushie sewn by meeeee!!!!!

Princess Luna Plushie – For Sale! ^^

Princess Luna plushie is for sale!  :D Check her out here: Oh gosh, my camera >.< I couldn’t capture the pretty sparkliness of the 250+ licensed Swarovski crystals and the sparkly purple organza (it’s translucent… you probably can’t even tell from the photos :<) in her hair.  You […]


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