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Massive parcel of Happiness 2!

So I was on my way to work – totally dreading my long day today (14 hour shift) when I received a pleasant surprise visit from the couriers!  We were already driving out when we noticed the courier van parked in front of our house.  Here are the unboxing pictures (I was in the car so please excuse my blurry/awkward photos) –

Monogram Rila and Kori! They are big sized! Soooo cute! I am so happy I got them! I will be getting my Kiiro one soon too 😉

Hamburger Rila (to complete my set) and Maracas Rainbow Kiiro!!!!!!!


His maracas ring when you shake him!!! TOOO CUTE! >0< Totally my favourite Kiiro! He was sooo expensive but he was worth every cent of it!

Hamburger Rila to complete my Hamburger set 🙂

Sorry I am at work so I don’t have time to write too much!  Hope you’ve enjoyed my unboxing pics!  This concludes my Massive parcel of Happiness from Yumi series 😉

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  1. The packaging is adorable, just like a little briefcase of kawaii 😀

    I’m totally loving the Maracas Rainbow Kiiroitori! Where did you get him? I’m tempted to get it now…you’re a bad influence!


  2. Richelle! ^-^ Thank you! I love him to bits! Actually, the Maracas Kiiro is super super rare… but I actually saw another one being auctioned off today! I bought this one for $150usd. Super super high price. The one being auctioned off currently is being sold with the Rila + Kori from the same set… so you’ll be looking at $200 plus. Please let me know if you are interested, I can email you the link 🙂


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