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A lovely surprise from the lovely Yumi ^-^

The lovely Yumi gave me a lovely surprise today!  I was on my way out to play Badminton with Joe when I noted a small pink package in my mailbox.  To my surprise it was from Yumi!  But I didn’t remember buying anything from Yumi recently so I impatiently opened it up in the car.

Awwww! It's my birthday gift from Yumi! ^-^ She's so sweet!

Kiiro's holding a love letter! ^o^

Cute little pink wings!

Kiiro and Yumi wish me a Sweet & Happy Day!

Yumi’s so sweet and kind!  ^-^ She’s not only the best seller but also a dear friend!  I am so happy to have met her through Rilakkuma!  ^-^


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  1. That’s so sweet of her! She’s an incredibly nice lady! I really like that Kiiroitori, I think I’m going to ask her about it and see if I can get my hands on one!

    You’re a bad influence, Mary!


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