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Today I turn 25!

Today I turn 25!  Hopefully I am also 1 year wiser!  😛

Anyway – I’ve been very disciplined lately and haven’t bought any new Rilakkuma plushes (but I have bought the whole Sims 3 series on PC and have been spending far too much time on it haha – I used to be obsessed with this game!  My first ever Sims game was ‘The Sims’ on Playstation 2)

My first encounter with The Sims

That means I bought 6 games in total over the weekends – The Sims 3 (original game), World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Late Night and Pets (I didn’t buy the ‘Stuff’ packs, I think they’re a bit of a waste of money to be honest).  Showtime, the sixth expansion pack, will be released this month some time.  I guess playing The Sims: Free Play on my Ipad 2 has dangerously rekindled my passion for the game.  I actually owned The Sims 3: Collector’s Edition when the game first came out in 2009 but regrettably sold it.  I’m glad I’ve decided to play this game again – I am really enjoying it!  ^-^

The Sims have come a long way!

Okay, I know you didn’t visit my blog to read about some computer game so I will also mention the new Limited Edition Lawson plush starring my favourite Rilakkuma character – Korilakkuma!!!  And ahem… also that yellow chickie aka Kiiroitori hehe.  This set will be released on 20th June for several thousand yen.  The plushes are big sized – Korilakkuma is 30cm tall and Kiiro is 13cm tall and you can make them pose and hold a ketchup bottle and stuff.  I’m not planning to buy the set but for those that are interested you can pre-order it from Yumi for $82USD with $3USD shipping worldwide!  Awesome right?!

As you can see - they can pose and hold ketchup bottles/hamburgers and stuff

Please comment below if you would like Yumi’s contact details ;P  They’re cute and all – but I’m just not feeling them at the moment… I don’t know – maybe I’ll change my mind and decide to buy them at a later date when they’ve all sold out.  I’ve been known to do that in the past haha.

What I AM excited about is this little cutie which I have already pre-ordered:

This cutie will be released on the 10th March ^-^

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! I used to play the Sims all the time too! My first game was the original sims on the PC. It is amazing how far the game has come! How is the sims on your ipad2? Is it just like Sims 3 on the computer? I might have to go play my Sims 3 now!


  2. Thanks!!!! ^-^

    @ Adriana: Yes! I only started playing Sims on the PS2 so I missed out on the original Sims on the PC – but I did play Sims 2 (and all its expansion and stuff packs) and was completely hooked for several years! The Sims: Free Play on Ipad is pretty cool but it’s not nearly as awesome as Sims 3 on PC – it’s more like a Farmville sort of game where everything is in real time. It’s not bad for a free game though 🙂

    @ Jeff: Yes! Do you play too?! Haha, I hope you’ve got Sims 3 – totally should play it if you’re a fan 😛


  3. Happy birthday!

    I never played any Sims game before but I hear that it’s really addictive, all my friend’s fb statuses are about the Sims.

    Aaah, I’m tempted to get that set but it’s expensive T____T The price is reasonable too!


    • Yes! It is very addictive 😛

      And yes – that price is amazing for a limited big size Lawson set! The Rilakkuma version has shot right up to several hundreds USD. If you ever intend to buy this one – now is the time! 😛 😛 But you also have a fantastic trip looming close so 😛


  4. happy belated birthday!
    i guess i left u a message @AskMe before but i didnt leave u any contact as i was too nervous 😡 (psh i wasnt even sure if i send the message out :P)
    im wondering who u order these authentic rilakkuma plushes from? im from malaysia and its SOOOOO HARD to get an authentic rilakkuma plush over here! too many are selling fake and i definitely not supporting those fake stuff >”<


    • Thanks Nana 🙂
      Yea, it’s sad that there are so many fake ones out there >o< I have a few sellers that I buy from. Unfortunately I haven't bought from Malaysian sellers yet – I have seen quite a few on facebook but they all sell a mix of genuine and fakes so I wouldn't strongly recommend them. I will drop you an email ^-^


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