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My Little Pony: Twilight Alicorn and Rarity!!!!!

I’ve just received photos of my Twilight Alicorn and Rarity plushies from the super talented Cryptic-Enigma!!!! Her prices are sooooo unbelievably reasonable for the quality she delivers (in fact, she’s the cheapest minky artist I’ve commissioned)! And she was so accommodating of all the changes I had requested (safe to say – I was quite a difficult and fussy commissioner to work with >.<). I would have commissioned more ponies from her, but she had a limit of 2 plushies per slot, and her slots filled up pretty quickly.

Anyway – here are the pics:

Twilight Alicorn by the talented Cryptic-Enigma!
Rarity by the talented Cryptic-Enigma!

Rarity by the talented Cryptic-Enigma!

Both ponies are made from minky and 11″ tall (not including mane or horn). Small changes I requested include thicker legs (I prefer more meat on my ponies :P), smaller horns (bigger horns look very majestic, but are not as show accurate) and longer hair on Rarity! Cryptic-Enigma did an amazing job with those changes and I am sooo pleased with the results! I just hope I hadn’t given her too much trouble!!! XD

(Oh, and by the way – due to the camera used, the purples in their mane appear dark blue in these photos. Hopefully my camera will be able to capture their nice deep purple colour)

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