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Sewing first pony plushie continued…


OK! So I finally received some fabric for the eyes/cutie marks today! And I tried appliqueing w satin stitching for the first time! YAY! My first ever plushie has eyes now! YAY!!!

Embroidery machines are madly expensive in New Zealand… so I don’t think I’ll be investing in one until I’m actually serious about making plushies etc. Anyway, sorry for the poor lighting! I can only sew at night when my baby daughter’s asleep :3

Because I’d already pre-made the pony – I had to stitch the eyes on a separate stray piece of minky. Obviously I still have a lot of room for improvement with applique – but I think it’s not too bad for my first attempt! πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to work on the cutie marks!!

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    • Thanks Sophie! Yeeeesss! If only we had that in NZ! We don’t have that model in NZ 😦 and to use it I would need a step down transformer (another $200 for a decent one), also! Some people have said that doing that has messed up their machines and also! I’m a bit cautious about ordering it from overseas in case it was faulty 😦 otherwise I would totally get it in a heartbeat >.< all the models we have in NZ are in the $1000 plus range 😦


  1. It looks awesome, what are you talking about!? I find the eyes look exactly like they do on the show. Great job! I can’t wait to see the finished product πŸ˜€


  2. Wow this is just amazing yours looks like a professional!! You have major talents!! So how does the eye work, do you need to sew each part of the eye…I’ve never been good with sewing so it always blows my mind that people can make such awesome creations!


    • Aww thanks! I’ve been sewing w any spare time I get (not much) so have not been as ‘active’ on my blog/internet XD but I’m pleased to announce she’s pretty much done! Just needs her mane sewed down! And then I think I’m going to put her up for sale on ebay! πŸ˜€

      Yes, for her eyes = applique w satin stitch. So I draw and cut out patterns for the eyes/cutie marks and then I use satin stitching (tight zig zag stitches) around the edge of the patterns to ‘seal’ them so they don’t fray etc – I apply a stabiliser so the minky doesn’t show through. usu I would prefer to sew straight onto the pony, but I had to cut out and glue for this one… Because she was already premade to test my pony pattern out!

      Hope that sort of makes sense! :D. And I’m so glad you like her! Yay! ❀


      • Oh yes it does, oh wow that’s a lot of work but sounds fun!! I’ve been so addicted to the sims I’m neglecting LOL. Do you ever go through phases of being addicted to your newest game but then don’t want to play it a few months later and then get another new one? Maybe it’s just me ha ha. I remember your post on the sims a while back~so you know how addicting it is.


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