League of Legends Collection

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  1. Wow what a collection, just wondering how did the artists ship these to you without them breaking? How were they packed? Thanks !


  2. oh I see, thank you for the quick reply. May I ask how much you pay for these? and who the artists of some of your favorites are? I’m interested in checking out their work. Thanks again!


      • Hello, do you have any specific links for online stores/artist that you buy from? I’m very interested in getting a genuine Caitlyn PVC figure, but I’m not finding anything on google. I also don’t know how to browse Taobao since I can’t read Chinese =(. Do you have any helpful advice? Your figures look so cool and I want some too! Thanks a bunch =)


      • To be honest, I don’t like to advertise online shops on my blog – if you google search “league of legends caitlyn action figure” you should be able to locate several merchants who sell them. Good luck!


      • Thanks for the quick reply. I keep finding the fake $30 ones, I bet all the genuine ones are sold out ;_;


      • Hi, the genuine one is available through several merchants that come up on google search eg acgon, lolcaitlyn on dhgate. The pricing would be close to $200usd. Good luck.


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