My Louis Vuitton Collection ^-^


This page is dedicated to the other love of my life – my Louis Vuittons! ^-^

♥ My LV Collection so far… ♥

– Joey wallet
– Poch Clefs
– Montorgueil PM
– Totally PM
– Palermo GM
– Boetie PM
– Bosphore Messenger PM

White Multicolores:
– White MC Key Cles Case (Litchi)
– White MC Lodge PM
– White MC Petit Noe
– White MC Zippy coin purse (Litchi)

Black Multicolores:
– Black MC Noir Zippy wallet (Grenade)

Damier Ebene:
– Cosmetique Pouch
– Westminster GM

Damier Azur:
– Galliera PM
– Totally MM

Limited Edition:
– Monogram Fetish Lockit BB – Winter/Fall 2011-2012 Fashion Show Collection

Mahina L in Noir

Limited edition piece?


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    • Yay! That’s totally exciting stuff! I’m so happy for you! That coral colour is soooo gorgeous! Love it! ^-^ My wallet is just the simple monogram (but I still love her to bits!), I actually really wanted a white MC wallet initially but they are too high maintenance so decided against it >.< I never use my white MC bags in fear of color transfer


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