Bliss: Hope

Bliss is a happy, bright and optimistic pony full of hope and aspirations.  She did not have a happy beginning and was often teased by others for being different due to her heterochromic irises.  However, she’s also an extremely resilient and strong pony and was able to blossom despite all this.  Her cutie mark is a sunflower, which is famous for turning towards the sunlight.

Sorry for the OC spam! It’s kinda addictive… esp since I end up plushifying them… :3 but this should be my last one for a while (no promises though XD) because I need an earth pony OC to join my OC herd.

I’ve recently become unhealthily obsessed with bright green/orange/yellow coloured ponies. So I decided I needed (yes, needed) an earth pony OC with this sort of colour scheme… so ta da! Here she is! 😀 (sorry I could not forgo the pink! >.<).

Sunflowers are famous for turning and facing towards the sunlight so I thought it was a fitting cutie mark design for Bliss 😀

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