Fantasia: Illusion

Name: Lucid Tone
Nickname: Fantasia
Age: 25
Talent: singing and illusion magic


Lucid was always passionate about singing, but it wasn’t until his passion activated his power that he earned his cutiemark. He could create complex and abstract illusions based on the mood of his songs. Having eventually gained attention for his unique abilities, Lucid slowly worked his way into becoming something of a singing sensation with his visually vibrant concerts, and his stage name became “Fantasia”.

That all changed when his agent signed him into an opera performance, where he played as a king during a time of conflict and despair. His passionate singing for such a theme caused shocking and tragic imagery to appear, scaring off the crowd and leaving Lucid deeply upset over it all. He decided to leave show business after that, and kept most of his singing to himself.

Additional Info:

• he always looks as though he is daydreaming or dozing off
• his scarf is decorated with a dreamcatcher that his mother made for him
• he used to have a pet songbird that died of old age, and he attached some of its feathers onto his dreamcatcher to remember his pet by
• his illusion powers only work when he sings, he has yet to learn how to fully control them as they only come about subconsciously when he sings passionately

Fantasia design © Lanmana/Melissa Lee

Fantasia (aka Lucid Tone) OC plushie, sewn by meeee!!!!!!

Fantasia (aka Lucid Tone) OC plushie, sewn by meeee!!!!!!

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