Mardelia: My Ponysona

Mardelia is my ponysona, so she’s roughly based off me.  Her cutie mark captures what’s most important to me: family and being a good and caring doctor.  She’s an ambitious and hardworking pony, and has had to overcome quite a few obstacles to get to where she is now – as evidenced by a missing chunk in her right ear.  Mardelia is also quite sensitive and shy, so she likes to hide behind her long flowing locks and dark make-up.  Her favourite colour is pink!

Mardelia is my OC pony or ponysona. She is an extension of who I am – appearance/personality/principles/values etc. If I had to summarize myself in a paragraph – I’m a medical doctor and a hard worker (when I need to be), I’m very family orientated and I prefer to stay at home (and play computer games! XD) than to venture out, my favourite colour is pink!


Pink is my absolute favourite colour so naturally Mardelia’s body coat colour would be pink!

Her manestyle is the ‘spiced-up version’ of my boring hairstyle. My hair is very long, straight and dark, and I usually wear it down, side-swept to the right (I’ve pretty much had the same hairstyle since I was 10 years old, I kid you not!). Her mane/tail colour is mainly black with pink/purple/blue highlights.

Her eyes have the same sort of make-up I like to wear 😀 (purple eyeshadow/winged black eyelining) as well as a few crystal embellishments around the base of her eyes.

Finally! Mardelia also has a chunk of her ear missing, as a way to illustrate all the hardships/sacrifices I’ve had to make to get through all the shit in life! 😀


I wanted my cutie mark to capture what’s most important to me – Family. My medical background has also been incorporated into Mardelia’s cutie mark with that stethoscope (also, my specialization is GP/Family Doctor!!!! hehe)!

Mardelia plushie (my ponysona) sewn by meee!!!!!

Mardelia plushie (my ponysona) sewn by meee!!!!!

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  1. Whoa you drew the eye, that’s amazing and so well done. Like a professional 😀
    I can’t wait to see the plush~


    • Thanks! Yes! I did indeed! :3 All done without a bamboo drawing tablet too! Just my mouse >.< I used to sketch/draw a lot, but I stopped after getting into med school – got too busy :<


  2. Hey this kinda like my oc acutally the only differnces are the cutiemark and my maine is blonde….Thief….
    JK JK i love it girl! Your ana amzing sewer

    Mind helping me witha name and cutiemark?


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