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  1. hi, there, i came up with photos of every pony in custom plush to be made by you looks like this in about 9 inch. along with the mane six, Sweetie drops, Lyra Heartstrings, Derpy, Spitfire, Octivia, and Scratch. every pegausus’ wings open, bending wires in every whole pony bodies, fabric hair, removable clothings, and every pony is happy.

    k, stay cool.


  2. when is the next one comeing and what can you win actually is it a free pony OC plush or one from the mane six or some thing else?


    • I used to do them 3-4 monthly, but I’m far too busy to do that now. I don’t have any immediate plans for any contests right now, but you should follow my DeviantArt page if you want the latest updates as I usually hold my contests there. And I’ve done a variety of prizes before – ponies from the show, OC ponies, pony of your choice etc.


      • oh awesome i will but how do i actually need to get a oc plushie i am not so good with i pad computer is broken XD where do i have to go or do something because i really love them and i wanted to make one of my oc Dawnshine..


  3. Hi um… So I heard you’re really skilled in plush pony making and I, I wanted one of my OC? Her name is well, my name, and you can find her by going to Devintart and searching her name you’ll eventually find her. She’s mainly pink and black. If you can make one, which would be awesome, how much is one?


  4. For the contests, do we submit our own OC’s for you to use, or do we give our OC (And rights to them) to you?


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