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UFO catcher Rilakkuma & Korilakkuma

UFO catcher plushies can only be won from arcades and are made solely for the purposes of UFO catcher machines.  Generally the arcade plushies are designed by a company called Fansclub and there are one to two new releases a month, and always of similar sizes – 48cm for Rilakkuma and 45cm for Korilakkuma.  The zips on Rilakkuma’s backs are not real zips and these plushies have no beans.  Their colour and material are also different from the store plushies’. 

In contrast, there are new store plushie designs once every two to three months and usually of smaller sizing about 22cm.  Most store plushies also have beans and unzippable zips behind Rilakkuma’s backs.

Chef Korilakkuma

Chef Rilakkuma

Chef Edition

Hoodie Korilakkuma

Hoodie Rilakkuma

Hoodie Edition

Hoodie Edition Back

Satchel Rilakkuma

Satchel Korilakkuma

Satchel Edition

The satchel edition arrived in their plastic wrapping so I decided to keep them like that to avoid accumulation of dust and greasy fingerprints – my main concern is the plastic wrapping yellowing/melting/staining the bears with time/hot NZ summers… what do you think? O.o

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