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Back to the Hospital…

Hello everyone ^-^

So after a nice long Christmas break and working the last 2 weeks in GP land, it was quite refreshing to be back at the Hospital today (never thought I’d ever say that….). But I miss GP land already T-T

Anyway, I’m still awaiting patiently for my pending Rilakkuma plushies >.< hope the couriers will deliver my babies soon! Also, can’t wait to be updated by my special Japanese friend, Yumi regarding my auction bids!

I hope I will have more pictures to show you all soon!

If you are a Rilakkuma fan too, please drop me a message! I would love to hear from you! ^-^ Where I live, Rilakkuma is unfortunately not very popular at all… and my husband gets sick of hearing about them all day long haha

Anyway… hope everyone has enjoyed a great festive season this year, now let’s all relax like Rilakkuma!

Let's all have a lazy relaxing day like Rilakkuma! Picture courtesy of Sweety Bear House

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  1. Dearest Mary*^-^*

    I have read your message*^0^*
    I enjoyed reading each words.<3
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment.*^-^*;☆:。**
    I am bidding this hammock one just now!! ^0^;
    I really wish to win…..let's see….^-^*

    I think of your hard work, all your wonderful devotion to your work as a doctor.
    I truly wish you to have a real "relaxation" with Rilakkuma^-^
    Yes, I need them, too, desparately. ^0^*

    I am so happy and thankful to be able to meet you this year.
    And really hope this wonderful friendship will continue*^-^*

    Please take care, my dear friend Mary!!!

    I love you!!!

    your friend, Yumi


  2. Thank you so much Yumi! ^-^

    I have been very lucky to meet you! You are also very devoted to your work and I hope you also find time to relax like our dear little friend Rilakkuma!

    Thank you for helping me (and people all around the world) enjoy the happiness and smiles Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma bring to our lives! ^-^


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