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Bedtime and Bonjour Kumas are here!

It’s time to rejoice!  ^-^

My Bedtime and Bonjour kumas have arrived safely from Singapore.  They were only shipped out to me 3 days ago!  So fast!  Very very happy!


Bedtime sleeping kumas! My Steam avatar in 3D!

They are both wearing little socks with stars on them! Aww so cute!

Bonjour Kori! She is soooo sweet! I can't wait to meet my Bonjour Rilakkuma - he is still in transit to Yumi in Japan T-T

I love how intricately pretty the tags are! Each with their own special theme.

I love the Bedtime series so much!  Now I might have to buy the Bedtime Sleeping Kiiroitori with his night cap to complete my set!

Damn you chick!

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  1. Hey Mary! I was wondering if you have seen any bonjour kori for sale anywhere, I’ve been looking for a while now and still no luck 😦 😦 I have the bonjour rila and kiiro but no kori 😦 it makes me sad to have one of the trio missing 😦 the new hamburgers you got are so cute!! They look very delicious hehe ^_^


  2. Hello Wendy!
    I know how you feel! It’s just not the same without the complete trio. Hmm, I can email you with the details of the seller I bought mine from, you could check with her and see if she still has it in stock ^-^ Otherwise, I haven’t seen it anywhere else…


  3. I am from Singapore. I’m also a huge fan of kumas!!! Can you tell me who you bought your 2nd package from? (the on with the sleeping kumas?) I absoulutely love the sleeping kumas. You bought from Gina? She has one of her websites where she sells the rila sleeping kuma for only $SDG6!!! Pls tell me if they are real. I will send you the picture. PLS! PLS! PLS! I am seriously worried if they are not real. I have 2 fakes at home already! PLS! The link is:
    Pls get back at me PUBLIC or PRIVATE does not matter. PLS!

    my email is :


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