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Auction progress so far

Alright, so you might remember from my previous post Yet More Kiiros… that I bid for the 2009 Christmas Kiiroitori and the Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary Maracas Kiiroitori.  Neither of these auctions have finished yet – but I’ve been quickly outbid on the Kiiro who is now going at 9000 yen (~$150NZD) with 1 day left to go.

So I’ve decided not to continue bidding for him and to bid for the Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma instead – they have been on my wishlist so I am so happy I managed to win them!

I've fulfilled my wishlist! I can't wait to meet them! I won them from auctions in Japan. (Picture courtesy of Tweeny)

I am currently still leading on my Rainbow Maracas Kiiroitori auction with 2 more days left to go, ganbatte Mary! –

Hope I win him! (Picture courtesy of my Facebook friend, Joy)

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