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Today is the day! ^-^

Today is the day!  ^-^

But New Zealand is ahead of everyone else so not quite yet… and also Yumi said 10am of today which is equivalent to 2pm in New Zealand!  Soooo very excited!

I was on my long day yesterday (14 hour shift) and it was absolutely horrible – super busy, super unpleasant bosses, super bad day.  I came home and just went straight to bed.  I am feeling much better today though after a looooonnnnng night’s sleep.

I have taken up a night shift tonight >.< hope it will be nice and quiet.  I hope saying that doesn’t jinx me!

Anyway – here is another pic displaying a line-up of the latest Happy Picnic Series:

The Rilakkuma hamburger face is so cute!  hahahah~

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