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Unboxing of my massive parcel!

Wow – it was a long and busy day at work, but the prospect of unboxing my massive box of goodies and meeting all my cuties kept me going and going.

Here are my unboxing pics!!  Yey!!

It is finally here!

And the messy unboxing begins!

Free gifts from Yumi ^-^

Wowie!! My babies!!! >o<

The strawberries!

I love the rainbow heart at the back ^-^

Sweets series minus my favourite kori >.<

My Store Limited Bonjour Rilakkuma!

Halloween 2010 Rilakkuma - finally!

Finally my Halloween 2010 set is complete! Woopie!

Squirrel set ^-^ Complete with Kiiroitori! Awww, he is smiling!

I love how cute and intricate the tags are =))

Pouch Rilakkuma in Pink! He was much bigger than expected!

So cute right?!

Pink polka dots lined pouch to store treasure 😉

I love love LOVE all my babies!  I am still waiting on a few more parcels – including Hamburger series, Monogram Series and Maracas Kiiroitori!

Also in my massive parcel of happiness were my mother’s Dice-K books ^-^

For my mother 🙂

Okay, now I am going to run off to enjoy my plushies!  Hope you guys have enjoyed this unboxing!!!!

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  1. Dearest Mary ❤ ^-^ ❤

    It is really something … like a gift to be able to see all the things I sent … Thank you for letting me to enjoy these precious moment ^-^* Ah~~~ how they heal us!!!
    I hope your cuute Sweets Kori can join you soon^-^*
    I am enjoying my Rila and Kori Solar mascots lately^0^*
    I am so glad to be able to help your mother finding the things she wanted ^0^*
    I can imagine her beautiful smile ^-^*

    much love always,
    yumi, your friend.


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