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My collection so far…

Okay this is a quick photo update of my Rilakkuma collection so far.

I still have a couple more plushies coming – including my purple and red pom pom pouch Rilakkumas, my Monogram set, my Maracas Rainbow Kiiroitori, my Hamburger set, my furry Korilakkuma and my sweets Korilakkuma.

My collection as of 9th February 2012

Me and my Pink Pom Pom General... we are urgently awaiting the arrival of the Purple and Red recruits! πŸ˜›

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  1. Awww awesome collection! You leave them all in their original plastic covering? I think they look a lot cuter without the covering but it would make sense to avoid getting dust all over them.


  2. Hello!
    Hahaha – yes! I do leave them all in ziplock bags! I am a clean freak so I don’t like people (including myself) getting their greasy hands on them and also I don’t want to get them dusty. But I do agree, they do look a lot cuter without the bags >.< At least with ziplocks I can easily take them out for a bit of a cuddle πŸ˜›


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