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My Valentine’s Day Gift

Instead of giving me a bouquet of overpriced roses on Valentine’s Day, Joe told me I could choose a Rilakkuma plush for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve finally figured out a feasible way to bid directly from Japan Auctions as well as TaoBao.

So I’ve made the following selections –

Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary Korilakkuma - kawaii!!!!!! ^-^

Naughty Korilakkuma! So cute!

Also – I put in 2 Jadelles (subcutaneous contraceptive implants) yesterday!  Woot woot!

And I’ve received the tracking numbers for my Hammock Rilakkuma and Bonjour/Christmas Kiiroitori, so they should arrive early next week.  How exciting!  ^-^

One more day until weekends!  Soooo can’t wait – I’m in desperate need of a sleep in!  >o<

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