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Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary Series

I got to sleep in today!  Yay!!!!!  And I don’t have to work tonight!!!!  Double yay!!!!!

Now – quick update, the second installment to my MASSIVE parcel of happiness should be here on Monday ^-^ (it contains the Maracas Rainbow Kiiroitori, the Monogram Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma and the Hamburger Rilakkuma)

Also not too far behind are my parcel from Jaa (contains my Christmas Tree Kiiroitori and Bonjour Kiiroitori) and another from Helen (contains my Hammock!)

As you might know, I’ve also recently adopted the Sapporo Graffiti Nakayoshi plush where little naughty Korilakkuma is scrawling on sleeping Rilakkuma’s face with a pink crayon (the damage has already been done on Kiiro’s face!).  I’ve also tried winning the auction for the limited Happy 7th Anniversary Rainbow Edition Korilakkuma but unfortunately have just been outbid!  Luckily I found a seller that sold her to me for a cheaper price ^-^

True to being a devoted collector (and shopaholic) I’ve decided to complete my limited Happy 7th Anniversary Rainbow Edition (surprise surprise), I am only missing Rilakkuma so I managed to quickly locate him and snatch him up… here is a picture of the one I’m getting –

Never thought I'd own this super rare and pricey set!

I love the Rainbow series and I am sooo happy to have completed this rare and pricey set!  It’s like a dream come true!  ^-^  I actually only blogged about my goal to fulfill this dream a few months ago!  You can read it here.

The only one I am missing now is the damn chick –

Damn you Kiiro! >.<

Look at how smug he looks!!!!! >.< Holding his little rainbow ice cream!!!! Arggghhhh!!!!!

I’ve seen this smug little Kiiro in several auctions but the problem is you have to buy the whole set!  I’ve already got Kori and Rila!  (No surprises right?  I mean who wants to just buy Kiiro?!  haha, jokes!!!)

But yea, that’s what life should be all about – transforming your dreams into reality!  I hope to continue creating dreams and fulfilling them 🙂  I wish I will never run out of dreams 😛

Also – I managed to complete the super rare Monogram set by winning the Kiiro in an auction:

Joe says he looks like Mickey Mouse 😛

I finish my Obstetrics and Gynaecology run next week!  And I don’t have to stay up and work tonight!!!  And I have a bunch of kawaii babies to play with next week!  *sigh* Life’s so good right now!  😉

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