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Happiness ^-^

Okay – I’m back from my long day >o<

So… here is a photo encapturing my complete Hamburger Set

Complete Hamburger set ^-^

Also, I received a delightful email from Helen stating that my Valentine’s gift has arrived safely with her –

Sorry, I’m not saying much haha, I’m too tired from my long day T-T.  A picture speaks a thousand words right?  Hmm… what about a video?  Hehe – here is the link to a short video of my Maracas Kiiroitori (I tried to capture his maracas ringing but I didn’t want to be too rough on him so it came out a bit quiet… sorry guys!)

Maracas Kiiroitori Video ^-^ (Please click here)

Okay – I’ve gotta go sleep now zzzzZZZZzzzzz, good night all and sweet dreams!  ^-^

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