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Parcel from Thailand

My Thailand parcel from Jaa has arrived today!

Here are my unboxing pictures –

KAWAIIIIIIIIII!!!! *squeals with delight* ^-^ He looks so happy!

Now my Bonjour set is complete! Woopie! ^-^

Bonjour/Paris set!

I feel my impromptu photo taken yesterday of my Monogram Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma did not do them any justice at all, thus I have retaken it today 😛

Waiting for Kiiroitori to arrive 🙂 I should do a group pic of them with my LVs 😛

I totally love their pink fur trimming!  Kawaii!  ^-^  Can’t wait for the Kiiro to arrive, then I can do a group photo of the Monogram set with my Monogram LV bags 😉

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  1. Hurray! They’re all so cute! I especially like the Bonjour one, with the adorable little camera, such a tourist!

    You should take a picture of the monogram Rila and Korila with your LVs, monogram galore!


  2. Thanks Richelle! Haha, yea, I’m glad I decided to buy the Bonjour Kiiro… I was unsure initially but then I really wanted to complete the set ^-^ He looks much cuter in real life! 😛 😛 And he didn’t make my wallet cry!!!!!!


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