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Solar powered bobblehead

My first ever solar powered bobblehead purchase!  I’ve always marvelled at these simple yet ingenius little things displayed in other people’s cars.  Given that there is sunlight, do they just bobble their heads forever?!  So mysterious.  Whoever invented these things is a genuis!  (and freaking rich too!)

My first bobblehead ^-^

I reckon she adds a lot more animation and life to my display cabinet ^-^  I love her so much that I have since ordered two more bobbleheads.  I’ll show them to you once I get them in the mail 😛

Here is a quick video of my bobblehead bobbing her head ^-^

There are many different variations to the Rilakkuma bobblehead – some of them he and Kori are eating pancakes and ‘bobbing’ their forks, some they are ‘bobbing’ their heads vertically towards a cup of milk as if to drink it etc etc

Also – random note but here are the Sims 3 version of some of my family members!

Can you guess which one I am?!

They shall remain unnamed 😛 but can you guess which one I am?!

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  1. I love bobble heads too! We have one but it’s this character that’s pretty famous…I think they call him lazy guy or something? He’s super adorable, I have a plush keychain of him on my school to remind me to keep it easy!


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