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My New Advice System

In view of the huge influx of emails/messages for advice on where to acquire certain Rilakkuma plushes, I’ve set up a new advice system.


From now on, if you would like me to direct you to where you could obtain certain plushes I will charge a small fee of $10 NZD per plush via Paypal.  You can pay for this via the Paypal Donate button on the right side bar.


I know a wide range of sellers from different countries and I frequent auctions regularly.  I have a special interest in the very rare/limited edition Rilakkuma/Korilakkuma/Kiiroitori plushes (as you can see from my collection).

I can save you a lot of time tracking down that super elusive plush you’ve always wanted!  ^-^


Unless you are looking for a plush that is limited/rare and was released several years ago, this is rarely the case.

If I don’t already have a seller that stocks your plushie currently, I will try my very best to find your plushie for you within 1 working week’s time.

Some plushes are super rare and are only available through certain auctions (and when sellers decide to list them), in this case it may take more than 1 week to find it.  At times I may direct you to the best auctions/sellers to keep an eye out on for the plushie yourself.


Some of these auctions/sellers may not ship to your country.  There are a lot of third party agents that can buy and ship these goods to you on your behalf.  They usually charge a 10% commission fee.  The trickiest part is finding a trustworthy and reliable agent who doesn’t charge an exuberant fee.

I know several agents that fit that criteria and would be happy to recommend them to you for a small fee of $10 NZD which you can pay via the Paypal Donate Button to the right side bar.


In the super rare circumstance that I don’t reply to your first email within 72 working hours, you would be entitled to a refund.

Otherwise, the fee is non-refundable.

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