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Christmas Korilakkuma is here!

Okay – so this morning I was awoken by the terrifying sound of my cellphone ringing.  Usually I love listening to my cellphone’s ringtone… but this morning I was dreading it!  Because I am on short relief notice… so it means that when some silly doctor decides to call in sick I get called in, at very short notice, to cover their sorry asses for the day.  I was lucky to land myself an admitting LONG day (14 hour shift) under General Medicine (probably the busiest admitting department).

So yay!  Lucky me!  Plus – it was pouring down with rain this morning, the sky was a dismal grey and it was a Monday morning!  Which meant Monday traffic!  Woopie -.-

But I did receive my 2009 Christmas Korilakkuma on my way out – which was a little beam of sunshine for a dismally depressing rainy Monday morning.

I’ve just come back from work less than an hour ago… it is 11.30pm at the moment… so the fact I’m blogging shows you my amazing dedication!!  :p

So without further ado, I present to you all unboxing pictures of my gorgeous Christmas Korilakkuma!

Dismally depressing grey rainy day. You can tell from the bad lighting and the raindrops.

Wrapped tightly in bubble wrap

My sunshine for the day!

My 2009 Christmas Korilakkuma! With her cute little red woolen cape and cute little red woolen booties. Hehe - Joe agreed that she looks very cute and snug in her little red cape and little red booties. Hehe ^-^

I am hoping my 2009 Christmas Rilakkuma would arrive soon to keep her company 🙂

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  1. That really sucks that you had to be called in! Grrr…those doctors better be really sick to drag you in to cover their butts!

    But as you said, korilakkuma made everything slightly better 🙂 I love the sparkles around the fluff, so festive! Makes me wish it as Christmas again…


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