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Too many cute releases >.<

Hello everyone,

Wow, there are just TOO MANY CUTE RELEASES! I can’t keep up at all! Neither can my wallet 😦 These Rilakkuma dolls are soooo expensive once the costs start adding up! Also, I can’t afford to buy too many at the moment for a very good reason (as many of you observant readers might have worked out already ;)) – I’ll make a public Facebook declaration in few weeks’ time.

Anyway, I wanted to share with you all the upcoming releases that I haven’t yet mentioned (unfortunately, I won’t be able to afford all of them, so I need to be really cut-throat and only buy the ones that I REALLY, TRULY WANT and CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT!)

OMG! These are SOOOO irresistably cute! I’ve only succumbed and pre-ordered them. They are not cheap either!

2012 Christmas Edition – dressed as reindeers. Release date December 2012

Halloween 2012 Edition – release date September 2012

Horoscope series – to celebrate the year 2013 which is Rilakkuma’s 10th Year Anniversary! These cuties are 22cm tall and are expected for release in January 2013 🙂

Chocolate mint ice cream Rilakkuma set – to mark the 1st Year Anniversary for the Sapporo Rilakkuma store. These will be sold over 8-9th September. I will not be getting these as I’ve chosen to buy the pudding set already 🙂

Wowie! Like I said, TOO MANY CUTE RELEASES! These are the ones I haven’t blogged about yet, there are several others including the 2013 Year of Snake, Pudding and Egg/Chicken releases that I’ve already blogged about in the past.

Also, on a totally random note, I decided to buy this recently –

Peas in a Pod plush from Toy Story 3 – so cute! I bought the 19″ (48cm) version. This is an authentic Disney product.

Anyway, that’s about it for today. Oh, also – got a letter in the mail today telling me that I have been accepted into the GP training programme starting at the end of the year. So that means I’ll be a GP registrar at the end of this year woopie! I will finally be able to say goodbye to my sad and dreary life as a House Officer (and therefore tortuous long days, sadistic weekends and hormone messing nights).

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  1. Yes! There seems to be a sudden huge influx of rilakkuma! My wallet is suffering too 😦 The gingerbread christmas house is quite pricey! But it’s super duper cute! *sighs*

    And congrats on the GP programme and hurray to shorter days and free weekends 🙂


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