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Let’s Play with Rabbits!

OMG!  Just saw these cutie pies for pre-order!  They are the latest Rilakkuma series called “Let’s Play with Rabbits!”  Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma are dressed up like little fluffy pink bunnies.  They look so good to cuddle ^-^  I wonder whether Melody will take a liking to Pink and Bunnies like her mum 😛

It appears they will be released in early December 2012… I know I already have quite a few Bunny Rilakkuma plushes, but I don’t think I can resist these at all!  Pink.  Bunnies.  Rilakkuma.  You had me sold at Bunnies!  🙂

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  1. They are LOVELY! ♥ I wish I could afford them, but I can’t right now. 😦

    Congratulations on your soon to be arriving bundle of joy, too! I am sure she will inherit mummy’s love for Rila and his friends 🙂


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