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Horoscope Rilakkuma!

OMG!  Saw this picture on a friend’s facebook page and just wanted to share it with you guys

So cool!!!!

So cool!!!!  I want to collect all of them!  ^-^

According to my Japanese supplier, their release date was 19th January 2013!  Yep, that’s right!  They’re out for grabs!  Make sure you don’t miss your personal horoscope Rilakkuma!!!

What is your horoscope?

What is your horoscope?

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  1. i was just wondering what your thoughts were on this? i mean interms of how there are 12 of them.

    i’m on the fence because of this. they’re cute, but some are cuter than others and do i need all 12? it won’t be a complete set without. 12 and with the current exchange rate is a lot of money!!!…


    • Hey, yea, it’ll be quite expensive to collect all 12. I personally am not planning to get all 12, I just want my own star sign and maybe that of my husband and daughter 🙂 or you could choose the ones you think are the cutest hehe, I’ve seen preorders for the whole set for $330USD.


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