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Busy busy busy…

This post has been long overdue! I received my miniature Leo and standard size Aquarius in the mail about a month ago but I never got the chance to take proper pictures/blog about them. I have been so so so very busy with the little one. I now have newfound respect for moms! OMG! It’s hard work!!!!! Or maybe my little one is just super high maintenance.

So I’m still alive! But I won’t be able to post as much/be as updated about Rilakkuma etc as before. And sorry for the delay in replying to comments etc

Gotta keep this brief because little one might wake up and scream any minute – so here are the very few pics I took of my goodies on the day they arrived… I will take better pics/do proper collection pics etc once I have more time/freedom. I couldn’t do unboxing pics because bad hubbie tore open the parcel without informing me >.<

So here they are –

The standard sized Aquarius Rilakkuma (little one's star sign) and the miniature sized Leo
The cute tag for Aquarius Rilakkuma :)

The cute tag for Aquarius Rilakkuma πŸ™‚

That’s all for now! Promise will post more once baby is older/I have a bit of my life back! Hahahaha!

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