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Rilakkuma: Plushies I’m missing out on :<

To all fellow Rilakkuma fans – sorry, I’ve been super lazy with my updates on the latest releases XD XD. Now I’ll try make up for it by posting those I’ve missed out on!

First of all – Rilakkuma x Tower Records collaboration plushies + playset, scheduled for release on 11th of July and only available online and in store (limited time period). Pre-orders are already available online, more info can be found here (and from the sound of things pre-orders for these cuties are selling fast like hotcakes!!)

rilakkuma tower records

Rilakkuma Tower Records 2013

tower records 2013 1

Rilakkuma Tower Records 2013 playset

Then there’s also the Rilakkuma x Yamanote Line collaboration plushies, release date remains uncomfirmed. More info can be found here.


Oh! By the way, those sites I linked are all in Japanese – so if you can’t read Japanese at all (like me), then I suggest you use google translate ;).

Think I’ve covered them all (for now!) – looks like July is going to be a painful month for avid Rilakkuma collectors :<

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