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How do you get to Wonderland?

Can’t wait to get mine!!! 😉

Rilakkuma Desu

Over the hill and wait in line for two hours in front of the Rilakkuma store!

Yes my friends today the Wonderland Series was released and may I just say good job San-X.

I don’t think I need to say it’s going to be a photo heavy post but I will just in case you’re new and didn’t know I go crazy with the shutter button.

I was only planing on going an hour early but I got there so quickly…so it was an extra half an hour. I was pretty happy since there was only 4 people (more dedicated than me) a head of me.

When they opened at 10 we all got a little too eager he he, but I couldn’t get back in line because the line was way too long I’d be there for hours!! So I’m going back Monday or Tuesday to see what else…

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