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Rilakkuma: 10th Anniversary Collection Update

Finally!  A Rilakkuma related post!  :3

I had such a busy day at work today so it was nice for my seller to inform me that he had managed to secure the elusive 10th Anniversary Rilakkuma Thrones set for me! (sorry, I’m not sure what it’s officially called so that’s what I’m calling it for now XD)

This is the set I’m talking about:

10th Anniversary Throne Set - actual plushie pic!

10th Anniversary Rilakkuma Throne Set – actual plushie pic!  (I grabbed this pic off the Japanese auction site hehe)

10th Anniversary Throne Set - catalogue pic

10th Anniversary Rilakkuma Throne Set – catalogue pic

YUSSSS! I got it!!! 😀 And also coming in the package with this set will be my long-awaited for 10th Anniversary Red Sparkly Tuxedo set! (sorry again, I gave the series a lousy name >.<)…. this is the one I’m talking about:

10th Anniversary Red Tuxedo Exhibition Rilakkuma set

10th Anniversary Red Sparkly Tuxedo Exhibition Rilakkuma set

Yay! Finally! I look forward to getting them both!! They will be posted out to me from Japan tomorrow :3 I hope these cuties will have a pleasant and safe trip to New Zealand!  They should be here some time next week, so more pictures then!

They will be my only sets from the 10th Anniversary/Winter Wonderland collection :< (due to recent crazy spending on custom My Little Pony plushies) – I actually pre-ordered and paid for the Winter Wonderland Floats set:

Rilakkuma Winter Wonderland Float - actual plushies

Rilakkuma Winter Wonderland Floats set – actual plushie pic (I stole this pic off the Japanese auction site!)

Rilakkuma Winter Wonderland Float - catalogue pic

Rilakkuma Winter Wonderland Floats set – catalogue pic

But I missed out on them :'< man, Rilakkuma’s so popular in Japan!!!! The plushies sell out far too fast! Oh well :S more funds for my pony plushies!!! hehehe :3

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  1. Yay congrats, I passed on the throne set so I’m glad you got it so I can see it!!! Yay for Rilakkuma being popular~but also bad… I can’t wait to see your post getting your new cuties!


      • I saw the link of your site through another blog and glad to see your posts and photos. I love the throne set but can only afford to get Korillakuma since the throne set is soooooo expensive and hard to get. I wanted to get blue duck one but that is already sold out and hard to get it. This set is just as popular as the floats are, but even more expensive than the floats. I managed to get the floats but only got the white bear for the thrones. Congrats on getting them and thanks for sharing such nice photos with everyone!


      • awww thanks Trinie for your kind words! I enjoyed taking photos of them/writing about them, it really enables me to appreciate them fully and in detail. And thank you for visiting my blog! 😀 Yes, sounds like the throne set was quite challenging to get! But so were the floats! (I missed out on them ;)) so congratulations on getting the floats!


  2. Your names for the collections are hilarious! Red Sparkly Tuxedo set, bawahahaha!

    I love the thrones set, especially Kiiroitori’s but T___________T The floats are amazing also, can’t wait to see the detailed pics!


    • Hehe :3 thanks! Yea >.< sometimes I'm just too lazy to look up the proper names haha… it's easier for me just to describe them in the literal sense XD And looking forward to doing the detailed pics!!!!! 😀


    • Hahah! Yea! Unfortunately I can’t speak/read Japanese >.< so we'll have to consult Ariel for the proper official names!!! haha but at least you know which sets I'm talking about! (right?! :o)


  3. Yay for getting the throne set! I am getting mine too, it’s at the post office waiting for me to pick up tomorrow! They were actually a little expensive, it thought the price listed on the picture was the price for the whole set but it turns out it’s for one plush! But It’s gonna look amazing, can’t wait to see you post about them =)

    And I still can’t get over the fact that I didn’t secure the float set, they are so expensive now and rare =(


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