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Rilakkuma: Rilakkuma Gallery Photos Revamp

Sorry everyone for not replying to comments, messages and emails!  I’ve been busy taking/editing/watermarking a new set of photos for my Rilakkuma collection!

It took aaaaaaaaaaages because I had to look after Melody at the same time.  I’ve added back shots + tag shots to my collection photos.

I haven’t re-taken photos of some series out of sheer laziness and lack of time (hopefully I will do them some time in the future).

I’ll embed a copy of the gallery photos here :3

Pheeeeeeeeeewwww!  Now I’m going to relax and reply to all your kind messages/comments/emails etc ^^

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  1. Hi thanks for the picture of the tags! It has helped me to identify authentic plushies…Very unique collections you have there^^


    • You’re very welcome! Yes, I believe it was you that gave me the idea to take pics of their tags to help w authentication!!! 😀 Thanks! There are still a few missing their tag art pics, so I’ll try take them when I’m feeling less lazy haha.


      • hi, sorry I can’t read mandarin, but I put it in google translate :3 um, I’m originally from Taiwan, but I pretty much grew up in NZ, came here when I was very young, but I can still speak enough mandarin and taiwanese to consult patients in them


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