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Showcasing my Disney Doll collection… so far…

So those who follow me on DA or FB should be aware of my recent obsession with collecting Disney dolls, especially those limited edition designer dolls.

Because I started out reeeeeeally late collecting them (as usual T_____T), I’ve had to buy most of them off “scalpers” on Ebay (ie: people who buy these dolls initially with the intention of re-selling them at 2-3x the original price, sometimes even more!).

I’ve actually always been a Disney fan since I was really little. And I loved playing with barbies too! My favourite Disney princess was surely Ariel, so my favourite barbie doll (who I took virtually everywhere with me) was naturally the one I could own that looked the MOST like her (they looked really similar, except my barbie had brown hair and green eyes ^^”).

Aaaaaanyway, I’ve luckily been able to buy all the sets/dolls I’ve really wanted (at exuberant prices >.<) from Ebay scalpers and some of them have already arrived so I’ve decided to set an afternoon aside to snap some pics of them to share with you guys ;).

I’m planning to keep all my designer/limited edition dolls in their original packaging/box to preserve their value (and to prevent dust and oily hands from getting all over them). I did, however, acquire 2 sets of the Ariel and Eric Fairytale Designer Collection Dolls so I could fortunately de-box one set.

Anyway, here are the photos of what I have so far!

I’ve purchased these and they are still on the way!!!  Hopefully they’ll be here next week and then I can snap some pics of them to share with you ^___^  I can’t wait to see them in person!

And I also got a bunch of other Disney dolls (which are not designer editions, so are not as expensive, but are a must-have for any serious Disney doll collector in my opinion :P). I couldn’t be bothered taking separate pics of them (there are so many!) so I’ve decided to do couple/group shots! If you’d like to see one individually/in particular, please leave a comment below/flick me a message, and I’m more than happy to do that for you ^^

I was able to secure a pre-order for the entire set of the second installment of the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection (it must have sold out within 5-10min on the online Disney store):

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set 2

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set 2

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set 2

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set 2

Aren’t they absolutely divine?! I love, love, LOVE them SOOOO much! My hobby funds took a large hit though, since just the shipping cost alone was about $380NZD already! And then I’d have to pay the silly customs fee of about $300NZD? or maybe more? so silly -.-

I’ve also got the limited edition 17″ Aurora Doll (she’s so gorgeous!  Aurora is my second favourite Disney princess ;)) coming in soon.

Limited Edition 17" Aurora Doll

Limited Edition 17″ Aurora Doll

She’s getting released on October the 7th PST :3 and so are limited edition Prince Phillip, Aurora in her blue dress (I prefer pink though :P) and Maleficent dolls (just saw their photos this morning!)! So I’m terribly excited! I’d LOVE to be able to buy Princess Aurora in her blue dress and Prince Phillip (not a big fan of Maleficent, so I’m gonna give her a miss), so I’ll be camping on the online Disney store on the day of release, 12am PST sharp!!!!!!

Limited 17″ Aurora Doll in blue dress (limit to 4000), Limited 17″ Prince Phillip doll (limit to 3500) and Limited 17″ Maleficent doll (limit to 4000)

Wow, I’m getting all excited and tachycardic just writing this all out! hahahahaha x3 (geeek ~)

ANYway, hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I don’t know many Disney Doll fans/collectors :< and I’m feeling rather lonely…. so if you love them/collect them too, please feel free to comment below/get in touch with me/add me on facebook etc because I’d LOVE to (as Sims 4 would say) “enthuse over our interests” x3

I’ll update with more pics after I receive Snow white/Rapunzel sets/Eric/Zarina/Aurora/Phillip/Designer Fairytale Collecton set 2 etc

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  1. I’ve been looking forever for Ariel and Eric! The details on the clothes and faces are amazing and I really want one, any good places to buy one on a college girl budget?


    • Thank you for liking them! The limited edition DFDC Ariel & Eric set is a favourite of mine 🙂 I bought this set several years ago on ebay and it wasn’t cheap then (~ $300-400USD?). I’m pretty sure the price has gone up even further now. Your best bet is to try ebay or one of those Limited Edition Disney Doll trade/sell facebook groups.


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