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Limited Edition Zarina Doll!

So I watched Disney’s latest 3D fairy film – “The Pirate Fairy” with Melody and Joe the other day, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It made me succumb to my temptation to add the limited edition Zarina doll to my growing Disney doll collection.

Zarina’s not a very popular character, so I was able to purchase her off ebay for pretty cheap! And looking at her now, she’s definitely worth every penny & more! She is completely gorgeous (even so in person)!!!!! ^^

I really love the beautiful bronze iridescent tone of her skin, and the detail on her outfit is amaaaazing! I’m sooooo ecstatic to have her!!!!

I’m also super duper excited to announce that I should be receiving my complete set 2 of the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection dolls this week!!!!!

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set 2

Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Set 2

EEEeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeek!!!! I’m dying from extreme excitement!!!!

Ok – better go get ready for work *krai*

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