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Bunch of limited Disney Dolls!

So a BUNCH of highly anticipated Disney dolls arrived yesterday! ^___^ Included would be my Disney Fairytale Designer Collection preorder set! I had fully expected on paying at least $260 customs fee for importing them into New Zealand (I know, OUCH! but New Zealand customs is a bitch like that T____T). For some extraordinary reason (and pure insane luck resulting from a series of mistakes from Disney xD) Disney declared the value of my dolls as $0.01USD!!! LLLLOOOOLLLLL!!!! And customs didn’t even care to check inside the box. So that meant I didn’t have to pay ANY CUSTOMS FEE AT ALL!!! YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! I was OVER THE MOOOON!!!!!

Now I can use that money saved to invest in another 17″ Limited Princess Aurora doll in pink because I really want to debox the one I have currently:

Isn’t she absolutely gooooooorgeous?! Omg, I definitely need to buy myself another one. I really love Aurora in Pink! ❤

And accompanying her always would be her courageous Prince Phillip:

And here’s some picture spamming of my beautiful Disney Fairytale Designer Collection dolls (Set 2)! This set includes Briar Rose (Princess Aurora) & Prince Phillip; Mulan & Li Shang, Pocahontas & John Smith; Cinderella & Prince Charming; Tiana & Prince Naveen!!!!!! And take a look at my COA number for all of them! 330!!! That’s an extremely low number! 🙂 *intense dance of joy*

There we go!!!! ^_______^ Hope you’ve enjoyed these photos of them! 🙂 All the dolls are so intricate and beautiful, I feel so lucky to own them :3

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