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17″ Limited Edition Elsa and Anna Frozen Fever dolls

These beautiful girls arrived today! ^____^ Both are absolutely stunning and detailed, but my favourite out of the two would have to be Anna hands down. Both dolls sold out online within 7 minutes – with Elsa being the more popular one. I had to order each doll on separate accounts to minimize the risk of attracting ridiculous customs fees, and I knew these dolls were going to sell out super fast so I was prepared to miss out on some. I knew I definitely wanted the Anna doll so I ordered her first, then I purchased Elsa minutes after… then lastly the DFDC Anna & Kristoff set (yet to arrive) – luckily Elsa was still in stock ^^”

Anyway – hope you enjoy all the pretty pics of these gorgeous girls 😉

Now I’m just waiting on the DFDC Anna & Kristoff set 🙂 (Oh! And also the 60th Anniversary Disney Park Aurora doll! But that hadn’t shipped yet T___T) Then that’ll wrap up my limited disney dolls for this year! 😀

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