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Zen Plush! (Mystic Messenger)

Ok! Two down, two (maybe three?) more to go! In all honesty, Zen’s hair is a layered artistic mop (no offence Zen >__< I still adore you!)! I tried my hardest to simplify it… but it still took a long time to hand sew every layer on =< my poor fingers!

I had to fully line his white jacket to stop the black clothes underneath from showing through.

Anyway, Zen turned out a lot more work than I expected! I hope you guys like him 😉

Zen plush sewn by meee!!!

Material – cuddle 3 shannon minky, wool blend felt
Height – about 10″ tall
Machine embroidered details
Plush pattern and embroidery designed by me (sorry, I don’t distribute my plush patterns publicly)

Next up – Jumin! He’s one of my favourites, so I’m extremely ecstatic to start on him xD

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