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Meet my BJD boy! :)

Completed 18/11/16
Ordered 2/10/16

Meet Colton! =) He’s my first male BJD and the first ever BJD I ordered. He’s from Iplehouse.

He’s the ‘Chris’ model with glow special real skin.

He’s supposed to have dark black hair, but I don’t have any good ones that fit him and won’t stain… so I’ve ordered several more online and I hope they’ll arrive by next week so I can take more photos of him!!!

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    • Yes! You have sharp eagle eyes! ^____^ Those are some of my Monster Highs still in boxes x) I like to keep boxed duplicates especially of my favourite releases! That reminds me, I really need to watch the latest Monster High movie >w< And thank you so much for liking him!!! ^O^


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