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Luca’s here! (BJD from Crobidoll)

Hi guys!

Luca (Crobidoll Naru) finally arrived yesterday!  It feels like such a long wait (I ordered him back in October 5th), because he took longer than my iplehouse dolls to finish, but all in all, was actually only 11 weeks.

I’m glad I decided to give Crobidoll a go because Luca’s absolutely beautiful!  I’ve always preferred realistic dolls like Iplehouse to anime-realistic type like Crobidoll/Luts etc, but after playing Nameless (a Cheritz game based on dolls from Crobidoll) I was determined to own at least one of their dolls.  So I chose the sculpt Naru.

His features are so soft and delicate, and his faceup is super pretty.  I love the faint shimmery tone over his cheeks, and those lush lashes.  He also holds his poses extremely well.

Collecting BJDs is such a dangerous hobby!  Now I’m itching to order another one from Crobidoll x). I’ve only just recently started collecting BJDs, and I’ve managed to order 6 dolls within 3 months (I have 2 coming from Luts and 1 more from Iplehouse). This seems to be a prevalent phenomenon amongst all BJD collectors hahahaha xD

Anyway, I’m still anxiously waiting for all the backdrops/props etc to arrive so I can start dressing/posing/taking pics of all my dolls! >w<

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