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Introducing Argent – Iplehouse SID

Completed 17/01/17
Ordered 13/12/16

Wow!  I was surprised how quickly Iplehouse finished my SID boy.  I ordered him back in 13th December, and he was ready for shipping by 17th January (so that totals to 5 weeks production time).  I’m extremely impressed :).  The shade of his resin is glow peach gold, and it emits a gentle glow from within – it’s absolutely gorgeous!  My doll’s name is Argent, and he’s loosely based off a character I created during my college days.  I ordered him via Iplehouse’s Doll Choice programme, so I was able to select the “strongman arm” for him.  The sculpt is Iplehouse SID Eric.

He’s so built that most of my shoes and clothes don’t fit him.  I’ll need to purchase an entire new wardrobe for him.  I’m also planning to custom order an alpaca wig for him.  Each of my dolls own at least one alpaca wig customised specifically for them (they are so spoilt!).

All my BJD photo backdrops have arrived, but I’ve been too busy to open them/set them up.  I’ve been playing Final Fantasy XV and terribly addictive otome games like My Candy Love (fangirls over Kentin).  The arrival of Argent has inspired me to put aside some time to take decent photos of them all.  So yes, more photos will be coming soon ^^”.

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    • Thank you so much! The Iplehouse SID male body sculpt is easily one of my favourite body sculpts. The muscles/veins actually look really natural in person, not at all overdone ^^ and he still manages to avoid looking too bulky and maintains that modelesque physique.


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