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Uh oh… new dollies!

So never in a million years would I have imagined I’d EVER start collecting these OMG dolls.  In fact, I once googled “why are OMG dolls so popular when they are so ugly?” and was somewhat dismayed I landed zero hits.

And yet, here I am – completely and utterly OMG obsessed.  The first OMG I bought was Candylicious, because I love all things pastel, and she was a piscean too – I believed we had a connection.  Alas, things ended prematurely when I saw how defective my Candy was, so I abandoned the idea of collecting these dolls altogether due to poor quality control.

However, since the middle of last year, MGA has been bombarding me with dolls that really appeal to me; slowly chipping away at my armour.
The main culprits were Roller Chick and Rocker boi.  I think Roller Chick’s the most beautiful OMG ever released.  I love her bright vivacious colours and spirited cute fashion. She has the most beautiful shimmery sunset eyeshadow, and her long purple, magenta and tangerine hair is absolutely gorgeous. Her adorably intricate hairstyle actually reminds me a lot of my favourite Hairdorables Rayne Shine (who also loves skates!), and she scores extra brownie points for being a piscean too!  Honestly, I could barely resist Roller Chick, but resist I did… at least for about half a year… until Rocker Boi made his debut as the first OMG boy.  

I know there’s plenty of polarized opinion about Rocker Boi, but I absolutely adore him.  His rocker fashion’s on point with all those bold contrasting angles and stripes, the sexy red and black leather, and that unapologetic deconstructed shirt “u just pretend u don’t like my band!”.  I love his sleek and soft long midnight black blue hair, streaked with silver; and his aviator is so effortlessly cool!  He’s the perfect blend of grit and glam, beauty and masculinity.  I’m still not sure how MGA manages to pull all this off with those weird large button eyes.

Anyway!!  I’m thrilled to finally have both dolls in my collection!

As much as I adore these dolls, quality control remains to be an issue.  I’ve had to purchase multiples to find a decent one, and even then it’s not “perfect”.  Maybe New Zealand just got a bad batch?  I have no idea.  I’ve already gone ahead and ordered three more Roller Chicks from Amazon to try my luck at getting a more “perfect” one.  Wish me good luck!  I’ll update with pics if I get a good one.

I also desperately need to take better and more dynamic pics of my OMG dolls – especially Rocker Boi. Rocker Boi rocking his guitar, aviator on and jacket off would look “super rad!” (barf, cringe!). Soon, maybe?

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