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Hamburger Rilakkuma Plush Set

I have seen pictures of the actual plush floating around – including those of Kori and Kiiro, so I am not sure why they have still not been ‘released’ on the San-X netshop… are they store only?  But why is Rilakkuma available on the netshop? There are already […]

Got my Hamburger Rila!

I’ve got my Hamburger Rilakkuma!  Yey! But for some funny reason, the Hamburger Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori are not available on the San-x netshop yet!  I don’t know why that is… are they releasing them at different times? Anyway – as expected, Hamburger Rilakkuma has already sold out within […]

Happy Picnic/Flower Rilakkuma

In addition to the Hamburger series, San-X is releasing the Happy Picnic/Flower series in February! I have to admit, I find the Hamburger series cuter (and have already pre-ordered it) but my mother is travelling to Taiwan to visit our relatives in February so I might get her […]