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Happy Picnic/Flower Rilakkuma

In addition to the Hamburger series, San-X is releasing the Happy Picnic/Flower series in February!

Happy Picnic/Flower series!

I have to admit, I find the Hamburger series cuter (and have already pre-ordered it) but my mother is travelling to Taiwan to visit our relatives in February so I might get her to buy this set for me at the Rilakkuma stores in Taipei.

I have also been outbid on my Maracas Kiiro >.< so I have increased my maximum bid to 9000 yen (~150NZD) so hopefully that is enough to secure him.  There is 1 more day left to go.  I’ll keep you updated ^-^

As expected, I have finally succumbed to the Sweets series – afterall they are all clad in my favourite colour – Pink.  I initially had issues with Rilakkuma because I thought he looked extremely awkward and silly with a cupcake on his head and a pink nappy (I had a tirade about him with Yumi here).  But I had already pre-ordered Kori several months ago (I love her design in this series, she looks like a sweet little ballerina) and wanted to complete the set.

As expected, I've finally succumbed to the Sweets series (Picture courtesy of my Facebook friend, Jaa Jane).

So I have asked Yumi to send me the cutest Sweets Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori she has ^-^

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