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My Little Pony: Braeburn #2

Update:  Braeburn’s going to looks slightly different when he gets here 😀 I was a pain and asked Lavim whether she could also change the fringe at the front to mango minky (rather than highlights) so that he’s more show accurate.  I also think it’ll look better.  She’s […]

My Little Pony: MJ OC Pony Failness

Warning: LONG RANT ahead! So once again… I’m speechless.  But this time, I’m speechless because this plushie is so… um… what’s the word for it… um… oh yea, that’s right… Honestly – this was the FIRST custom pony I commissioned and it took about 2 months to make?! […]

My Little Pony: Rarity #2 plushie!

Wow – I am speechless.  This Rarity #2 plushie from Burzurk is a-maaaaaaaaaazing!  She’s exceeded my expectations completely!  Which is MUCH needed after my horror at seeing the MJ OC pony plushie!!!  (I will post about this disaster plushie later :<).  And I won her from Ebay at […]

My Little Pony: Beautiful Fleur de Lis pony

I chose Yukamina-Plushies specifically to craft the beautiful pony – Fleur de Lis for me: From my previous post on Yukamina-Plushies: “I also commissioned the talented Yukamina-Plushies for a Fleur De Lis pony plushie.  I really love the colour scheme and design of this elegantly pretty pony (she […]

My Little Pony: Flitter has landed!

Woopie! The ‘pegasisters’ have been reunited at last! 😀 Despite not being a big Flitter fan, after seeing how sad and lonely my Cloudchaser looked, I decided to take the plunge and adopt Flitter too! And I’m so happy I made that decision because Flitter plushie is so […]