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New mission ^-^

My absolute favourite Rilakkuma series would definitely have to be the Rainbow series hands down.  I wish I had known about Rilakkuma when they released that series in 2010 so I could have collected all the limited edition plushies without leaving a huge black hole in my bank account.  Their value escalate exponentially with time.

Unfortunately for me, the only Rainbow Rilakkuma I have are the rainbow suit ones, and they were still pretty expensive to acquire – about $100 each.  The rest are far too overpriced for me to buy this month – I’ve already used up this month’s budget with the Monogram and the Halloween Ghost series!  So maybe in a month’s time… I may be able to add to my Rainbow series collection…

Happy 7th Anniversary Rainbow Series Limited Plushies. I'm thinking of buying the T-shirt ice cream ones. (Plush pictures in courtesy of tzwthn's flickr)

But as you might know, I am a very impatient and impulsive individual haha – thus, the following Rainbow 7 plushies have caught my eyes –

Rainbow 7 Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma licking ice cream - my new mission! ^-^ So cute! Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma love ice cream as much as me! (Picture courtesy of Rilakkuma-Fan's flickr)

These are ‘seasonal’ and not ‘limited’ so should be cheaper to acquire… hopefully.  I’ve asked Yumi to find them for me, so hopefully she will be successful in her quest.  Fingers crossed!

I showed the picture to Joseph and he scowled with disgust at their protruding tongues and said they looked like zombies >.< (we’ve been playing Left 4 Dead 2) how mean!  I think they are sooo adorable and would be a perfect addition to my collection!  They love ice cream as much as me!  ^-^

Today the couriers should have started working again – so hopefully my much awaited for plushies should arrive soon!  I can’t wait!  ^-^

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