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My 2 minute spicy lunch…

We all lead busy lives and we all love good food.  Here is a delicious meal Joe whipped up for me in 2 minutes.

I love the Noodle King instant noodles, the noodles are non-fried and have a great bite/texture to them. The can of spicy mushroom is amazing, not for the faint-hearted though. The sauce is a special fruity bulgolgi sauce. We bought all three from a chain of grocery stores in Howick.

Cooking - roast beef, some spicy fried tofu and spicy mushroom

Finished product! It tastes way better than it looks 😉

Joe is very passionate about his foods so I figured I should showcase some of his creations on this blog (in exchange he makes nicer foods for me mwahahahaha~).

Now that I’ve enjoyed a nice spicy meal, it’s time to relax like Rilakkuma!  ^-^

~aaaaaaaaaah so comfy! ^-^ 好舒服哦!

So… the secret to being able to live like Rilakkuma is to marry a good cook ^-^ (haha, just kidding)

PS: I note on my poll that Kiiroitori is ahead of Korilakkuma!  This is not acceptable!  Those two individuals who voted for him did it to just to spite me!!!!  =P  If you haven’t voted in my poll yet, please make sure you do!  The poll is on the right sidebar… otherwise if you’re too lazy to find it you can access it below –

Who is your favourite Rilakkuma character?

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