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Bonjour Rilakkuma!

So if you had read my previous post Sleeping Kumas… you would have seen my add-on plush Bonjour Korilakkuma.

You might also remember from the picture’s caption that I wrote ‘Bonjour series! The Rilakkuma version is not as cute so I decided not to buy’.  Well, whilst I was browsing through the ‘History of Rilakkuma’ I noticed the following…

OMG! Bonjour Rilakkuma wearing clothes to match my Korilakkuma! ^-^

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  There’s a Bonjour Rilakkuma wearing clothes matching my Korilakkuma!  (as you can see, the ‘official’ matching Bonjour Rilakkuma is naked and I am not a big fan)

So I decided I must buy this plush to complete my Bonjour set.  But it is sooo rare – I failed to see any pictures of him when I Google-imaged.  That was until I typed Japanese into the search bar – “こんにちはリラックマ” ie Bonjour Rilakkuma (you’ve just gotta love Google Translate right?  In fact, I use it frequently with my Asian patients at the GP clinic haha >.<) then suddenly pictures of this super elusive plush appeared right before my very eyes!

The super elusive Bonjour (Picture courtesy of makumakumakuri)

See... the Striped Tee Bonjour is superior to the naked one (Picture courtesy of makumakumakuri)

So wow!  The legends are true!  The clothed Bonjour Rilakkuma DOES exist.  And apparently he is a “リラックマキャラバン限定のぬいぐるみ” which roughly Google Translates to “Limited Caravan Edition Rilakkuma”.  Anyway, knowing what he is called in Japanese allowed me to find him selling in ONE Japanese auction.  I was super happy – but the bidding price was 3500 Yen (about 60-70ZD) so he is quite pricey.  Nevertheless, my Bonjour Korilakkuma needs a buddy so I decided to bid for him.  The auction closes in two days, fingers crossed noone else will bid for him!

Today is Monday… so hopefully the courier will be visiting again soon!

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