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The Kiiroitori plague

Kiiroitori (aka Chick) and I have a love-hate relationship.  In some series he is kawaii, in others he is fugly (please excuse my language).  Nevertheless, his rotund body is required to complete my Rilakkuma sets – thus, I have bought the following Kiiros (they come from various countries ^-^ Kiiros from all over the World!)

Strawberry Kiiro (from Japan)

Bohemian Kiiro (from Thailand)

This one is very rare and usually goes for $100 plus, but I managed to get mine at a good bargain. (Picture courtesy of My Tokyo Dream)

Halloween Kiiro (from Thailand)

The super rare 2010 Halloween Kiiroitori! Usually sells for about $250 plus! I managed to get mine at a huge bargain! ^-^ (Picture courtesy of my Facebook friend, Joy)

Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary Kiiro (from USA)

Rare rainbow suit (removable) Kiiroitori. (Picture courtesy of ffkorilakkuma)

Bedtime Kiiro (from USA)

2011 Year of the Rabbit Kiiro (from USA)

Rare limited 2011 Year of the Rabbit Kiiroitori. (Picture courtesy of ffkorilakkuma)

2012 Year of the Dragon (from Hong Kong)

As you can see from my Poll (please make sure you have voted!  ^-^ it’s on the side bar to the right), Kiiroitori is, contrary to popular belief, quite popular.

Both Judy and Joe like Kiiroitori best (Judy just to spite me, Joe identifies with Kiiro).  When Paul, my brother, came over to visit – he was fixated on squeezing my Kiiroitori like a stress ball, I think he takes a fancy to Kiiroitori too.

Regrettable to say, I think I have also been bitten by the Kiiroitori bug! >.<

There is another Kiiroitori I am looking for (it is one of Joe’s favourite Kiiros), it’s an extremely rare and elusive one –

The Happy 7th Rainbow Anniversary limited edition. He's holding rainbow maracas, I think they do make sounds when you shake them. (Picture courtesy of my Facebook friend, Joy)

You know what?  San-X should make a cleaning Kiiroitori – I’d so buy that.

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